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Parchi Management Pty Ltd (Parshi)

Parchi Management Pty Ltd (Parshi) is a Bulding and Development Consulting firm specializing in Building approval, Architectural design, Town planning and BASIX consulting relation to Residential and commercial.. The firm will provide architectural services using technologically superior processes, providing greater value for clients. The target client is segmented into three categories; developers, home owners, and contractors. Parshi commits to provide superior customer service which will be a point of firm differentiation. Our most significant challenges ahead include securing a suitable position by establishing the initial client base, and ultimately positioning the firm to be able to have a presence in a larger, global market.

About Us

Keys to Success

We are committed to achieve highest customer satisfaction as well as make this company profitable. In order to do this our focus will be on the followings: -- Provide a service that is technologically superior to the competition's;
-- Creating a desire for our services above all competitors is a key to our continued success, as well as creating the perception that we are the top of the line;
-- Our communication systems, both internally and with our customers, are the key to excellent
performance - projects completed on schedule, on budget and to our customers' satisfaction. We also must ensure that the customer feels like we have been responsive to his/her every request so that we can get a good referral.

We have over 16+ years of experience

Planning, Architecture Research for Sustainable Housing Integrity (PARSHI). It was formatted in Sydney 2005; from beginning we deliver to our clients a proficient service to a project from conception plans to final project release. Our philosophy is to sustainable development of architectural, environmental and planning. Our design and creative problem-solving are integral to the project to think and write critically and analytically and to apply this understanding in achieving socio-cost effective environmental sustainable planning and architecture design solutions.

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